Hosted by:
Pola Sutryk.

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During this workshop we’ll cook with ingredients saved from the dumpster, as a way to give back value to food considered “waste”. We’ll learn about the abundance of wild food available in Iceland (think foraging for wild herbs and greens, seaweed, and city crops) and different ways of food preservation (fermentation, pickling, drying). We'll also touch topics such as composting, permaculture and urban gardening.

Together we’ll look into our possibilities, think about our specific local situation and what we can do, as individuals and as a society to prevent food waste, achieve a more sustainable food future and more food sovereignty for Iceland.

Workshop is going to take place in a kitchen on site,  as well as the beautiful area surrounding FÚSK Gufunes and is intended for everyone interested in the topics, regardless of profession and experience. We will work and learn together, in a respectful, judgment free environment. We want participants to have an active impact on the program of the workshops, so it is prone to changes.

FOOD is a laboratory focused on alternative ways of producing, preparing and consuming food. With hands-on learning of foraging, fermenting or composting, we will get to know the Icelandic food system and collectively think about a more sustainable food future. The outcome of this workshop is a dinner for participants and their guests on Friday night, no waste.