Hosted by:
Edda Karólína.

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RUSL fest invites you to a 5 day workshop where the focus is traditional sign painting and mural art techniques. 

Each participant designs their own sign whilst getting to know the basis of this traditional craft; different brushes, brush strokes, color mixing, upscaling and lettering. 
Participants will learn the process of transferring a sketch to a fully painted mural on a wall. Going over techniques step by step and painting a collaborative mural in the area.

The workshop focuses on found materials, discarded paint and wood. Ending with the final result and exhibition of an outdoor mural in the Gufunes area. The mural is a communal art piece that sends a strong message to the community. Everyone is free to participate in the workshop, regardless of their level of experience.

A 5-day workshop where the fundamentals of sign- and mural painting are explored, as well as their transformative power within our society.