Hosted by:
FÚSK, Institut for (X) (DK) and Blivande (SE).

︎︎︎ FÚSK
︎︎︎ Institut for (X)
︎︎︎ Blivande
The workshop revolves around building, using hands-on solutions whilst repurposing materials from the building- and film industry for changing our local area of Gufunes. With focus on the building industry being the cause of one of the biggest carbon footprint in the world. The workshop is held in collaboration with the cultural platforms Institut for X (DK) and Blivande (SE).

“Don’t accept the city as it is. Create your own spaces and environments and make the city your own” (This is X, 2015: 387).

The FÚSK project space is a socially-driven laboratory for urban experiments and culture. Lets revitalize our own environment and make an impact on our own surroundings.